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Working Gunbound Hack

DK Hack - People don't see the dk message when you dk (Need to be room master)
Mage, A. Sate, or Turtle as a mobile. Can be used for dk hack.

For Dk Hack set the values as 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 by either copying and pasting it or typing it in manually.

RoomChange(ban prevention1):. For the description: ‘Room Number,’ set the value as a number other than the room number it originally was (Ex. Room number was originally 100, set the value as 1). This prevents your Double Kill hacking technique from being seen by other members who may file reports that will get your account banned.

NameChange (ban prevention2): Name change enter the names you want click under value your name for the first name change and change it then click ok, 2 pop ups will come up click yes for the first one and no for the second one. Do the same thing exactly the name for the 2nd name change.NOTE: This only works when your name pops up on dk hack so no one can see it really useful to not get caught also better than room change.

Bonus Hack: [Need to be Master]
if you only want gold for urself in a 1v1 game choose the self cheat one
Change the arrary to "00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00" [without quotes of course] either 4 ppl addy or 7 ppl add
I would suggest only using 7 ppl addy when u r doing 4v4s
Note: Only turtle, sate, or mage would start the hack once games starts, you will start receving gold once on of those bots shoot but not only restricted to those bots after the hack has started

SLoth Crash and protetion: When your in the game and you want to turn it on for slot crash (1) put 1 in the value and itll turn on. If your in the game and u keep hurting people, theyll see it. If you want to turn it off put the slot crash protetection on 0 and itll stop it.

Room Crash - is basicly the same way as slot crash protection, except your in a room when you do it.

Delay Hack(needed): This is good to make gold super fast without having to wait turns or make it go faster.
When your in a room just put 0 under value (double click the number) then check mark the box next to it.

Sudden Death Type Hack - Kinda hard to explain but, 1 = Double Death, 2 = Big Bomb, 3 = SS. An example of its use would be, join a game where people have it on double death lets say. Freeze the addy on 3. When sudden death comes in that game, people will be on double death but you will be on ss death and will be able to use ss on people ^^.

Wind Hack - for this just change it to any number in value 1 - 255 and then freeze it and then go in the game and press f8 to skip ur turn and the wind will change.

For Vac hack make sure u change and freeze the values before you start the game. Also if your playing a 2v2, freeze the addy for 1v1 and 2v2. Playing a 3v3, freeze the addy of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. And for 4v4, freeze all. Seems kinda buggy for 1v1 but I dunno, I'm new at this >.<

There's also a glitch i found. If you use Power User and 1 hit ko and you're master, when other ppl hit you, you do not see any dmg done to you. So its kinda like God Mode but sumtimes splashes and thor do dmg =/

Power User Hack - change both values to 0 and then freeze them (check mark the box next to them basicly)

Mobile Hack - Basically, you won't see the mobile change in the waiting room but if you change its value to another mobile, you will get that mobile when game loads. So here's an example, 0 = armor, freeze it on 0. Choose the aduka mobile (you will have aduka on your screen and so will others), when game loads, you will now be armor! Here's a list of mobile values:

Armor = 0
Mage = 1
Nak = 2
Trico = 3
Bigfoot = 4
Boomer = 5
Raon = 6
Lightning = 7
J.D. = 8
A.Sate = 9
Ice = 10
Turtle = 11
Grub = 12
Aduka = 13
Kalsiddon = 14
J.Frog = 15
Random = 255

Room Crash - Freeze it on 1, lets you place landing tabs over and over which will crash people's game.

1 hit k.o hack - For 1 hit k.o make sure that you copy the long number for both 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 then freeze them (check mark the box next to them) do this in the room like all hacks

Wind Hack - Freeze the addresses at 99 (or 255 for more power).
Note: Skipping one's turn is required every other turn for the wind to be the value frozen.

Avatar Hack - Open the Avatar Values list and choose which avatar you want. While you are in the lobby change the values to the clothe you want. Now when you create a room, you will see the avatar you picked.

Have fun Double Kill hacking in Gunbound NA, but remember you cannot exceed 6000 gold per game otherwise your game will be dropped from the server and nothing will be earned in that game.


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