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Buy Cash Avatars With Gold

1. Load your UCE (I used super saiyan 2 or 3, not sure which.)
2. Attach it to the second gunbound.gme while nprotect loads
3. Enter avatar shop
4. Click EX items and alt tab out to your UCE. search on 4 byes with value 2
5. Go back to gunbound and click the sets button
6. alt tab back to Cheat Engine and search value 1. Freeze the last adress in the list at value 2.
7. Open GB once again and you should see the set items are no longer there, but are instead blank or replaced with EX items.
8. Now click the heads button. Scroll over to the desired ex item you want. (we'll use seoul tower as an example)
9. Find any avatar that can be purchased with gold and click buy (don't actually buy it, just open the purchase menu)
10 alt tab to Cheat Engine and search on 1 byte with value 1
11. Go back to GB and click the buy button for Seoul Tower
12. Alt tab to Cheat Engine and search value 0
13. Repeat steps 9-12 until you get a bunch of adresses (usually you only have to repeat once, but sometimes it takes more)
14. Add all adresses to the list and freeze at value 1.
15. Go back to GB and scroll over to limitless on seoul Tower and it will be purchaseable.
16. Now comes the fun part Find any ex item you want. (we'll use magic circle as an example)
17. Click buy and you will notice it says can not be purchased with gold, but the gold button will be highlited.
18. Choose limitless and click the gold button.