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Buy Cash Avatars With Gold

1. Load your UCE (I used super saiyan 2 or 3, not sure which.)
2. Attach it to the second gunbound.gme while nprotect loads
3. Enter avatar shop
4. Click EX items and alt tab out to your UCE. search on 4 byes with value 2
5. Go back to gunbound and click the sets button
6. alt tab back to Cheat Engine and search value 1. Freeze the last adress in the list at value 2.
7. Open GB once again and you should see the set items are no longer there, but are instead blank or replaced with EX items.
8. Now click the heads button. Scroll over to the desired ex item you want. (we'll use seoul tower as an example)
9. Find any avatar that can be purchased with gold and click buy (don't actually buy it, just open the purchase menu)
10 alt tab to Cheat Engine and search on 1 byte with value 1
11. Go back to GB and click the buy button for Seoul Tower
12. Alt tab to Cheat Engine and search value 0
13. Repeat steps 9-12 until you get a bunch of adresses (usually you only have to repeat once, but sometimes it takes more)
14. Add all adresses to the list and freeze at value 1.
15. Go back to GB and scroll over to limitless on seoul Tower and it will be purchaseable.
16. Now comes the fun part Find any ex item you want. (we'll use magic circle as an example)
17. Click buy and you will notice it says can not be purchased with gold, but the gold button will be highlited.
18. Choose limitless and click the gold button.

How To Make DragonBot55 Work

1) extract it

2) open it '7" times

3) look at your task bar

4) right click the stack of dragonbot, and press "close group"

5) there it's activated

To fix switch mobile problem:

a) go to your task manager(ctrl-alt-del)

b) you will see around 5-6 dragonbots running,

c) close all the dragonbots , except 1, (basicly when u activatd it, all the dragonbots opened, not just 1, so by removing all of them except one, your problem will be gone.)

Working Gunbound Hack

DK Hack - People don't see the dk message when you dk (Need to be room master)
Mage, A. Sate, or Turtle as a mobile. Can be used for dk hack.

For Dk Hack set the values as 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 by either copying and pasting it or typing it in manually.

RoomChange(ban prevention1):. For the description: ‘Room Number,’ set the value as a number other than the room number it originally was (Ex. Room number was originally 100, set the value as 1). This prevents your Double Kill hacking technique from being seen by other members who may file reports that will get your account banned.

NameChange (ban prevention2): Name change enter the names you want click under value your name for the first name change and change it then click ok, 2 pop ups will come up click yes for the first one and no for the second one. Do the same thing exactly the name for the 2nd name change.NOTE: This only works when your name pops up on dk hack so no one can see it really useful to not get caught also better than room change.

Bonus Hack: [Need to be Master]
if you only want gold for urself in a 1v1 game choose the self cheat one
Change the arrary to "00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00" [without quotes of course] either 4 ppl addy or 7 ppl add
I would suggest only using 7 ppl addy when u r doing 4v4s
Note: Only turtle, sate, or mage would start the hack once games starts, you will start receving gold once on of those bots shoot but not only restricted to those bots after the hack has started

SLoth Crash and protetion: When your in the game and you want to turn it on for slot crash (1) put 1 in the value and itll turn on. If your in the game and u keep hurting people, theyll see it. If you want to turn it off put the slot crash protetection on 0 and itll stop it.

Room Crash - is basicly the same way as slot crash protection, except your in a room when you do it.

Delay Hack(needed): This is good to make gold super fast without having to wait turns or make it go faster.
When your in a room just put 0 under value (double click the number) then check mark the box next to it.

Sudden Death Type Hack - Kinda hard to explain but, 1 = Double Death, 2 = Big Bomb, 3 = SS. An example of its use would be, join a game where people have it on double death lets say. Freeze the addy on 3. When sudden death comes in that game, people will be on double death but you will be on ss death and will be able to use ss on people ^^.

Wind Hack - for this just change it to any number in value 1 - 255 and then freeze it and then go in the game and press f8 to skip ur turn and the wind will change.

For Vac hack make sure u change and freeze the values before you start the game. Also if your playing a 2v2, freeze the addy for 1v1 and 2v2. Playing a 3v3, freeze the addy of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. And for 4v4, freeze all. Seems kinda buggy for 1v1 but I dunno, I'm new at this >.<

There's also a glitch i found. If you use Power User and 1 hit ko and you're master, when other ppl hit you, you do not see any dmg done to you. So its kinda like God Mode but sumtimes splashes and thor do dmg =/

Power User Hack - change both values to 0 and then freeze them (check mark the box next to them basicly)

Mobile Hack - Basically, you won't see the mobile change in the waiting room but if you change its value to another mobile, you will get that mobile when game loads. So here's an example, 0 = armor, freeze it on 0. Choose the aduka mobile (you will have aduka on your screen and so will others), when game loads, you will now be armor! Here's a list of mobile values:

Armor = 0
Mage = 1
Nak = 2
Trico = 3
Bigfoot = 4
Boomer = 5
Raon = 6
Lightning = 7
J.D. = 8
A.Sate = 9
Ice = 10
Turtle = 11
Grub = 12
Aduka = 13
Kalsiddon = 14
J.Frog = 15
Random = 255

Room Crash - Freeze it on 1, lets you place landing tabs over and over which will crash people's game.

1 hit k.o hack - For 1 hit k.o make sure that you copy the long number for both 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 then freeze them (check mark the box next to them) do this in the room like all hacks

Wind Hack - Freeze the addresses at 99 (or 255 for more power).
Note: Skipping one's turn is required every other turn for the wind to be the value frozen.

Avatar Hack - Open the Avatar Values list and choose which avatar you want. While you are in the lobby change the values to the clothe you want. Now when you create a room, you will see the avatar you picked.

Have fun Double Kill hacking in Gunbound NA, but remember you cannot exceed 6000 gold per game otherwise your game will be dropped from the server and nothing will be earned in that game.

How To Make DK Hack Work

1. On your gunbound,
2. Do not press start game,
3. get rev engine on,
4. load WhoIsKp (ct),
5. Copy the code 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
6. now click gamestart,
7. quickly alt tab before it even reach server selection screen,
8. paste it in DK hack array(value),
9. close revolution engine,
10. go back to gunbound,
11. go to the lowest people server (as name hack and room hack is not working)
12. make sure you do this for gold hack , GP hack (not recommended) as you'll get banned because you cant use name hack,
13. use 2 computer and use sate,turtle,mage and hack together to earn GOLD
14. thats all, happy earning

Gunbound Aimbots FAQ

Here are some simple Questions and Answers to commonly asked Questions regarding Server Emulation and Aimbots.

Q) When I run the Aimbot properly and when I'm In-game, it says, "Cannot Find Wind"?
A) When your In-game, Press "Esc" (On your keyboard -.-) and choose "Old Interface" and click OK.

Q) Hotkeys for Aimbot?
- Hot Keys:
PrintScreen - Draw shot line and calculate power needed to hit the target
PageUp - Change target mode (AutoTarget / MouseTarget)
PageDown - Change mobile
Ctrl+Delete - Backshot mode (on/off)
Ctrl+Insert - LongShot mode (on/off)
Ctrl+F12 - Quit Program
Ctrl+F11 - Change to NoCtrl style hotkeys: 'Ctrl' will not be needed
when pressing 'Delete', 'Insert', and 'Home'.

- Backshot:
If you shoot to the direction of the target, it is NORMAL shot.
If you shoot to the other direction and use the wind to take
the shot to the right direction to the target, it is BACKSHOT,
then you should turn on backshot mode.
Nak underground:
If you are in a hole or near a wall and you shoot into the wall,
use backshot mode and angle lower then 70 to get underground aim.
Note: Auto aim will not always find a target, but it will find it in most cases.
You can change to Mouse aim in that case. (Most people prefer mouse aim)
use PageUp to change from Auto to Mouse. Then you need to put your mouse cursor
on the target when you press the "print screen" key.

- LongShot Mode:
With LongShot mode you can hit a target outside the screen.
To be able to calculate the power needed to hit a target outside the screen
the program must know where is the player and where is the target.
Since they are not in the same screen, you need to take 2 'screen shots', and
the program will combine them.
It may sound complicated, but after you master this, you will be able to do
this in a very short time.
So... how can you do it?
1. Press PrintScreen when you are on the screen (find your position)
2. Press Ctrl+Insert (enter LongShot mode)
3. Move the camera exactly 1 screen to the side
4. Press PrintScreen again (find the target)
5. Shoot
6. Press Ctrl+Insert (exit LongShot mode)
When you move the camera [step-3], be sure that it will be exactly 1 screen
away from the first PrintScreen [step-1]. You can use landmarks and ground holes
to know where is exactly 1 screen away.
Notice: Be sure that the camera will stay on the same height,
don't move it up or down, move it only to the side.
In order to tell the program to what side are you going to move the camera:
If you are aiming to the left side, then in the first PrintScreen [step-1] you need to
target something in the left side of yourself. If it is for the right side, then
target something in the right side of yourself.
Tip: Use mouse targeting mode, it will be easier.

- Guide Others Mode
Ctrl+Home - Enter to "Aim Others" mode
Home - Change home circle position
End - Change angle
PageUp - Quit this mode, and return to normal mode

The "Guide Others Mode" is a manual aim mode used to guide other players.
1. Press Home to enter "guide others mode".
2. Move the screen so that the circle will be on the player that you want to guide.
3. Press print screen to lock target with the mouse cursor.
4. Change the angle with End button.
5. Tell the other player the angle and the power he needs to use.
6. PageUp - exit this mode and return to normal mode.

Q) After I installed Server Emulation, those folders listed in the instructions aren't there?
A) Create them yourself.

Q) A file of some kind is missing and I cannot run the Aimbot :( !!!
A) Go search that file name on Google, download and put in your windows32. (C:\WINDOWS\windows32)

Q) Hack Detected! Must I always restart my computer :(?
A) No, follow these steps:
1. When Message popup for hack detected don't click on the message.
2. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del
3. Windows Task Manager Will Popup.
4. Choose to "End Now" the gunbound program.
5. Gunbound will close.
6. Close your detected hack.
7. You will be able to relogin again.
Does not work on Windows 95!

Q) Sometimes Abyss Web Server says, Cannot find Port (Or something Similar), what do I do?
A) Open up Abyss Web Server, click Console --> Settings --> Autodetect --> OK.

Q) Aimbots detected or Gameguard Error when In-game? What happened :(??
A) Obviously it's patched ...

Q) After I login and run Gunbound, I get a 340 error from GameGuard! What do I do?
A) Find your hosts file (C:\WINDOWS\windows32\drivers\etc\), open it with Notepad, delete the last 3 lines in it. Save. After that, close Notepad, right-click the hosts file and make sure the "Read-Only" box is unticked.

Q) Does it work with SP1 or SP2?
A) Most Aimbots work with both.

Q) When I press "Printscreen" my Aimbot Crashes?
A) Rebooting your computer should solve this problem.

Q) What's the meaning of "Patched"?
A) The Aimbot no longer works.

Q) Waaaa! Boohoo My Aimbot doesn't work! What do I do??? Mama :(!!
A) Noob Leecher, go Die -.-

Q) (Unrelated) I am a noob leecher! Where do I download Aimbots?
A) -.- Go die.

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